What is IT Help Desk Vs Service Desk?

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What you say will result in an IT Help Desk vs. Service Desk. Although you may think these terms are interchangeable the definitions of ITIL and Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) have different advantages. For a comprehensive look at these two desks, here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Our IT Help Desks and IT Service Desks Different?

Yeah, that’s right. Founded in the 1980s, Help Desk aims to address infrastructure issues rather than dealing directly with customers. In contrast, the service desk is the only point of contact between the customer and the company’s IT environment. It can be internal or outsourced.

In today’s IT environment, the question of IT department helpdesk versus service desk is a matter of debate. In some companies, you can find help and service desks by adding to the Venn diagram.

An organization can divide its IT infrastructure into phases. For example, Step 1 can help a client with common problems. If it gets stuck, it goes to Level 1.5 Content Expert (SME). In another instance, the service desk is the primary access point for recording events and requests. Phase 2 of the internal issues or tasks go to the Help Center.

What is the responsibility of the IT Help Desk?

IT Help Desk provides hardware, software and networks related to the company’s technical infrastructure. In most cases, their interactions with customers are more or less the same. They communicate with representatives of the service desk. And this is usually in the form of an event or ticket request.

The company’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is an example of this. In case of interruption, tickets are issued at the NOC. In turn, they contact the network and ISP providers to find out if the problem is in its final stages and when it is resolved. If customer contact is required, NOC refers to a service desk or customer-oriented network response team.

In some organizations, help centres are also responsible for property management. Take computer imaging as a modelling experience. If the employee needs a new laptop with the company’s default profile, the request is sent to the specific help desk. From there, the laptop is primed with the latest image and sent to employees or distributed by hand.

Benefits of IT Help Desk Services as an SME with in-depth knowledge of hardware, software or infrastructure. This service desk is different from SME, which helps in problem-solving.

What is the responsibility of the service desk?

A general service desk company handles the day-to-day operations and problems of employees or professional customers. His work is very important as he is the face of the company’s IT troubleshooting division.

Typically, customers line up on the call queue for the next available representative. Once connected, the service desk generates SME related events and service requests. In addition, they work to solve the problem from past knowledge, from old stamps to notes or knowledge base (KB) articles.

If they do not solve the problem, they raise it to a Level 1.5 rep or a Level 2 Help Desk SME. But, their responsibility is not alone.

Since this is a customer-oriented group, it is important to make sure the service desk is updated until the progress of the customer ticket is resolved. After that, they can follow up to see if the problem reappears. If so, the process will restart.

There are several benefits to using a service desk. Ability to solve problems on time. The second thing is to make repeated calls about the same problem (MI) to determine if this is a major event. The third is to evaluate the customer base based on service desk performance and if any improvements can be made. This information is forwarded to the Help Center so that they can adjust their activities.