Best Twitter Ads Management Company: 5 TIPS

Is it possible to have followers on Twitter without tweeting?

With 319 million claimed monthly active users, Twitter Ads Management Company has become a go-to social network these days. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to convey the right message in 140 characters. Even more so when trying to surf the hashtags known as “trends”. For example, try to stand out on current political or sporting topics, and you will understand that Twitter is a veritable jungle… But then how do you make yourself heard? And above all, how to acquire a community without spending your life writing tweets? Here are 5 tips that will allow you to attract followers easily, all without tweeting.

Tip 1: take care of your Twitter profile

The base. It may sound silly said like that, but I see far too many neglected profiles, set up in a hurry, which does not inspire confidence and does not make you want to be followed.

Nice job John, we’ll call you back…

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, the configuration is very basic. Barely 5 minutes are needed to create your profile (10 if you are picky), it would be a shame to start on bad bases, wouldn’t it?!?

Twitter Ads Management Company is based on hashtags (the famous #), nevertheless take the time to identify those that are related to your account (activity, sector, specialty, etc.) and add them to your description. This will make it easier for people to find you in search results when they enter your keywords.

Tip 2: Share your Twitter account everywhere!

On your social networks, in the signature of your emails, on your site, or your blog… As soon as possible, promote your account! It is very easy to add a link to Twitter from your LinkedIn account, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of traffic at a lower cost Integration on your Facebook page is done from the tabs (in the left bar), editable from the settings as in the image below:


Regarding your emails, it’s up to you to see which signatures you want to distribute. Personally, Signbot ‘s personalized signature creation campaign made me laugh a lot! I, therefore, share without moderation For the mailings sent to your customers or prospects, to my knowledge all the current solutions on the market (Mailchimp, Mailjet, SendinBlue, etc.) offer social network modules to integrate into your messages. Just think about it!

Finally, regarding your website, it all depends on how it is developed. If like me, you use WordPress, there are a plethora of extensions that will allow you to integrate your Twitter account on your pages (as is currently the case in the bar on your right).

Tip 3: Advertise on Twitter

Other boat advice will you tell me? Not that much to tell the truth, as the impact of a Twitter Ads Management Company on your number of followers is effective. Especially since there is a type of dedicated advertising on the platform! To access it, click on your profile picture in the menu bar at the top right, then on “Twitter ads”. All you have to do is choose “subscribers” and create your campaign:


Of course, it is essential to know your audience well to effectively reach your target: location, age, sex, language, interests, etc.

Regarding the budget to invest, no rules are defined in advance: start with small amounts over short periods (you can notably program start and end dates). Then adjust everything according to the impact of your campaigns.

Another important point: is sponsored content. Take the time to write several tweets, for example by changing the wording of the message or the image, to measure the conversion of each one. This will allow you to have avenues for optimization in the future! For information, Twitter recommends using 4 to 5 different messages for the same campaign. Your turn now

Tip 4: Automate certain tasks

The advantage of Twitter is that many solutions will make your life easier by automating certain actions such as retweets or likes. And God knows how useful it is for growing your community!

Auto-like & auto-retweet

The mechanism here consists of automating the like or retweet (understand: sharing) of tweets specific to certain hashtags. This action will aim to get you noticed by your target using a notification, which in most cases will come to visit your profile and why not become one of your followers. Just like your profile info or Twitter ads, it is up to you to define beforehand which hashtags are the most relevant and/or the most used by your prospects. Once this strategic work has been done, you will then have to choose from the multitude of solutions on the market. I like Tweetfavy :


Once your account has been created and the integration with Twitter Ads Management Company has been completed, all you have to do is choose your actions to automate (like, follow, retweet, etc.) according to the hashtags selected. Conversion rates remain low (1 to 2% on average), however positioning on certain so-called “trendy” keywords can create volume… Tweetfavy claims 140 to 1,080 followers are automatically generated every month depending on the formula chosen ( €9 to €29). Given the low cost of acquisition, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, wouldn’t it?

Automatic addition to lists

Here is the same principle as the auto-like: according to hashtags determined in advance, all users mentioning your keywords are automatically added to your lists.

Adding to lists is only one of the tiny possibilities offered by these platforms, which can (among other things) allow you to interact with many other social networks :


And the features don’t stop at Twitter, far from it! Facebook, Google Drive, iCal, WordPress, Mailchimp, Gmail… The possibilities are truly endless. In summary, what simplifies your daily life.

Tip 5: practice “mass follow/unfollow”

Certainly, the advice is to take the most tweezers. With 48 million accounts being bots, Twitter is obsessively hunting down suspicious practices, spotting any activity deemed “abnormal”. Result: many profiles are suspended or even deleted every day. To be honest, the practice of mass following is probably the most immediate solution to increase your community (and free too!). You still have to do it according to the rules of the art…

The limits of mass following

2 alternatives are available to you here: adding a mass follow Chrome extension or executing a script in your browser’s Java console. Regarding this second solution, I invite you to read this article to find your happiness


In both cases, the process remains the same: identify the profiles followed by your targets, click on “subscribers”, scroll to the bottom of the page (it’s sometimes long I grant you) and launch your solution ( plugin or script). Many users practice ” follow back ” when new people follow them. Be careful, however, not to pass for a robot in the eyes of Twitter: think for example of limiting your mass follow (100/day maximum as far as I am concerned) or spacing out the time between your requests. But not everyone can do that…

Without forgetting the unfollow

Let’s be clear: an account without tweets with many more subscriptions than subscribers does not inspire confidence… When you engage (often abusively) in the mass following, it is recommended to practice unfollowing in parallel to remain credible. To do this, the magic tool is called Crowdfire :


This platform remains a must-have for managing your Twitter account. In the blink of an eye, it allows you to see who is not following you back, who has recently unsubscribed, who are your fans or your new subscribers, etc… In short, something to easily and quickly “size up” your lists. Beware, however, of the free version which remains limited to 100 unfollows per day.


As you will have understood, it is not that complicated to acquire a community on Twitter, especially when you automate most company of your tasks.