Top Onco EMR Features And User Reviews By Expert

Onco EMR

An EMR is healthcare software that allows you to manage all of your practice’s patient records. Therefore, it is critical to have the appropriate software on your side when running an Oncology practice. Oncologists must use EMR and Practice Management (PM) software because they deal with large amounts of data and document it properly. These qualifications also include the ability to handle and administer chemotherapeutic medications. Oncology-specific EMR software also improves clinical workflows, especially for busy practitioners like oncologists. 

Onco EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) software that assists Oncologists in managing appointments, treatment strategies, and other medical processes on a unified platform. Flariton, Onco EMR’s parent company, has made significant advances in the Oncology EMR industry, addressing complex issues such as dosage accepted standards in this field by providing robust oncology-specific EMR services. 

Onco EMR fully integrates with radiology information systems (RIS), laboratories, inventory management systems (IMS), and practice management systems. The software also includes a patient portal called, where patients can quickly access their medical records, pay bills, and schedule appointments. 

Key Features of Onco EMR Software 

Mobile App 

You can use the OncoAir mobile application to review vital patient information such as vitals, blood count, allergies, and more. According to Onco EMR reviews, you can also create workflows and generate administrative reports. In addition, the mobile app includes many features, such as personalized medical forms. During the Onco EMR demo, explore all of the mobile app’s features.  

Cloud Server 

Onco EMR software is accessible on a cloud-based platform, which entails working even if you are not physically present at your clinic. In addition, because Onco EMR is web-based, practices that use it can completely offload traditional IT functions such as server installation and maintenance, system upgrades, and desktop installation support. Instead, the system is accessible via a web browser, and all software and data are managed in Onco EMR’s Class 1 data centers. 

Oncology-Specific Workflow 

Onco EMR is appropriate for community Oncology practices. The features are intended to reduce the time it takes to complete a task from minutes to seconds. In addition, Onco EMR assists you in collecting and reporting on all required data, and the team is available to help you with workflows, data capture, and official reporting requirements. 

Electronic Prescribing 

Onco EMR Software integrates with SureScripts to provide a robust electronic prescription feature. Instead of having patients visit the clinic every time they require a prescription, you can ditch the paper-based prescription pad and send prescriptions directly to each patient’s preferred pharmacy. 

With Onco electronic prescription tool, you can send various prescriptions, ensure no interactions with existing medications, use GPS to locate pharmacies, and save priority prescriptions and pharmacies for each patient. 

Claims Management 

While using Onco, you will notice a direct decrease in the number of denied claims. This is because the software helps you highlight errors in the claims as you enter information. Meanwhile, make sure your patients are insured, and their plan is active when they are entered into the database to save you the trouble of rejected claims. The system also informs you if the coverage includes treatments. 

OCM and MIPS Support 

The system facilitates seamless MIPS and Oncology Care Module (OCM), as well as tools designed to help your specialty succeed. It enables you to collect data and report it quickly to improve value-based care. As a result, you can focus on value rather than volume with MIP and OCM. In addition, according to EMR reviews, the software enables you to adopt new payment methods and create exciting opportunities to improve the quality-of-care delivery. 

Data Analytics 

Onco includes data conversion and analytics functions that help to organize information. Onco assists you in effectively migrating your EMR database before turning on the platform. In addition, the software includes more than 150 preloaded reports that help you gain clinical and business insights, such as drug utilization. 

Onco EMR Pricing 

The Onco EMR pricing is not available to the general population. Therefore, you have to contact the vendor to get a specific quote for your practice. However, you can always be confident that your product will have constant access to the cloud, a customer support team, and new upgrades.  

Onco EMR Reviews 

Onco EMR reviews are available online on various websites. You can go through them to understand what current users say about the software. 


  • Onco makes it simple to locate patients and control or look up information in a patient’s chart. 
  • The EMR software integrates with a practice management solution to streamline administrative activities.  
  • You can group patients according to diagnosis type and, therefore, organize patient data effectively.  
  • The Onco EMR is cloud-based so that you can access data anywhere and anytime.  
  • Customer service is attentive and resolves all your queries as soon as possible. 
  • You can set up appointments with ease.  
  • Onco EMR software is Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2 certified. 


  • It takes a long time to log in to the software. 
  • The display for lab results is not user-friendly.  

Onco EMR Demo 

You can request a demo of Onco from the vendor. The demo is essential because it lets you interact with the software’s various features in person. You can also carefully consider the software in a real-world setting, allowing you to see if it meets your needs. 

Our Views 

Onco EMR provides features and resources that streamline various procedures. In addition, it allows practices to make critical clinical decisions in a timely and cost-effective manner without sacrificing service quality. Onco EMR is ideal for oncology practitioners because it is specifically designed to meet their needs and provide an Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution. That’s why onco emr is one the best emr for urgent care due to its extra ordinary performance in all situations.

You’ve gone over all of the features of Onco EMR software, and you’re probably wondering if it’s a vital investment for you and your practice. While we can’t make a specific recommendation without knowing more about your practice, we are confident that thorough reviews and an Onco EMR demo will help you decide whether the software is suitable for you.