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Before we talk about what we do let us talk about a very fundamental question that may come to your mind whenever the word brand comes into question.  


Well, a brand is actually the perception that your business holds to the world and that perception is built by various impressions with some of them you can control and some you can’t.  We are here to help you control the aspects that you can so well that the parts you can’t control cannot affect your business.  If you were to simplify this then we are here in the business of making your brand look good.  

Simply speaking we are here to make sure no loose ends are left to the reputation of your brand.

Let’s take a look at how we have designed the THINK TO SHARE experience to be the entity that helps build your brand and makes your company look in the best form possible.  This is not simply by providing you services but you can call it an ecosystem of thought where we leave nothing to chance and grind down every rough edge and make your brand image bulletproof and polished and shiny like marble.

WEBDESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT – We are the only website designing and development company in kolkata to provide you with a personal website designing experience wherein you always get communication channels through which you can communicate with our lead website developers and view the progress of your website in real-time.  What’s unique about this is that our creative team keeps a close watch on the progress of your website design so that no chance of elegance gets missed in the long lines of code. 

We make sure that the backend, as well as the front end as well as the UI, is in tune and in sync with the T2S experience. But we have a problem, we must admit that we are not satisfied with mediocre but that does not mean that we charge exorbitant fees or over the top charges. We bring you this experience at prices below the market competition with the experience that punches way above the weight class. 

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Social media is crucial in the world in 2022 and we understand that and that is why our social media managers and social media experts are present 24/7 around the clock to be able to preserve and build the brand image and that also includes interaction with your brand fans as well as defending the brand’s reputation whenever some troll tries to tarnish your brand’s reputation. 

That doesn’t end there. We also have quite a few teams of image and video editors ready to create content for all your social media handles and digital marketing teams to market and promote that.

Why this level of attention you might ask?  Well, is also part of the T2S experience.  We are not here to sell you services but we are here to build long and permanent relationships in the market wherein we would like to succeed along with you. 

DIGITAL MARKETING – Digital marketing is nuanced and there is no course or degree to understand and to study digital marketing in the practical world in the truest sense. And that is how we at ThinkToShare humble ourselves in the fact that whatever we have learnt and whatever we have achieved in this vast arena of digital marketing is the fact that we have stayed open to ideas and open to new concepts. We take pride in the fact that we are dynamic and is through this dynamism that we have been able to create ripples and waves in this colossal Indian market. And that is why it will be of no good if we do not praise our digital marketing team who not only learn from experience but also learn from competitors. We at T2S do not view our competitors as enemies but as guides and we learn from their mistakes and successes. We employ every tool in our arsenal to handle marketing and that can be from pursuing and achieving organic results as much as possible as well as employing every piece of analytical data we can get our hands-on. 

APP DEVELOPMENT – The Think To Share experience doesn’t stop there because, in the app development domain, we develop apps for every kind of device possible and that includes smart TVs to every kind of OS from mobile device OSs like Android and iOS to the PC that includes windows apps. And as usual, the creative team and other teams all keep a visual on the appearance of the apps and also test them in real-time for practicality and gives suggestions to the development team. 

CONTENT CREATION – Content creation is fascinating for the fact that it requires the mind and the soul to be attentive at all times.  At ThinkToShare we employ creative minds who understand market dynamics and we employ these gifted people to do our content creation. We have worked on various projects that include video projects as well as creating social media content and also creating promotional content. We have industry-wide experience when it comes to creating videos and images and we are worked on various segments of this varied industry from commercial videos to industrial videos as well as personal single-client videos and product demonstrations and videos about social issues and much more. When it comes to images we have worked with independent clients as well as multinational conglomerates and government agencies. We take great humbleness in the fact that we have been able to create this structure in our dynamic company and where everyone and every department lend their hand to the other and that is why we have been able to be versatile in what we do. 


Understanding the T2S experience is quite simple, we forget that we are working for a client and we work on your projects like we are working for our own in-house projects.  Every team member is responsible and liable for the success of executing any project that we take in and that’s we give our unparallel attention to whatever we take in. This attention relates to everything from our relationship to you as well as the performance of the service that we are providing.  And appearance and practicality also play an important part in this as well.  In a world of corporate mechanised task completion, we are the thoughtful alternative voice to the digital services industry. We are not just a team of techies and of course we are techies but along with that, we are passionate individuals who have found the perfect place to showcase our talent and grow and create meaningful relationships in the industry that last generations. The best thing about Think To Share is that we are less colleagues and more of a competitive family where everyone pushes everyone to be there very best they can be and function as a team to be the best digital services company in India. Our only enemy is compromise because we simply hate compromising on this dynamic digital magic called the ThinkToShare experience. Come be part of this experience and let’s work together to a successful and meaningful future.