The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business

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In the world of business software, it can be difficult to navigate. A bit like in big-box stores, there is everything for all needs, budgets and all tastes.

Microsoft’s CRM world is not immune. Between the different possible options, it can be complex to make a choice. This is why Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be explained to you in great detail here: from the very definition of CRM to Dynamics 365.

What is a CRM?

Do you know what happens between the sale of a product and customer satisfaction? Do you have an overall portrait of your relationship with your client in a file? Are you able to see a customer’s purchase history with just one click? And how well do your salespeople follow up with your customers?

This is what CRM, like Dynamics CRM, brings to your company. As a Customer Relationship Management tool, CRM seeks to make life easier for businesses in their daily lives. Because without customers, there are few companies that would survive, we agree.

Thus, by offering a 360 solution including integrated modules for sales, marketing, project management, customer service, and sometimes other aspects, Dynamics CRM allows all members of a team to have access to valuable information with a single click and get an instant picture of the situation, regardless of the problem.

This means that a CRM like Dynamics CRM can support you in your daily tasks such as preparing a service offer for a customer by consulting his purchase history and your marketing statistics or even solving a delivery problem with a customer by who can consult his file and communicate directly with his seller.

By facilitating access to information, communication between team members, by automating certain tasks, Microsoft Dynamics CRM increases the productivity and profitability of each company it conquers.

Why adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

For all the reasons listed above, but also to support you more punctually in several sectors of your company’s activities. Dynamics CRM offers a host of specialized solutions and functions.


In a world that is always going too fast, it is difficult for a team of salespeople to offer a close follow-up to their customers due to the large volumes of sales, but also to the files and valuable information that are difficult to share between the members of the same sales team.

Thus, the Dynamics CRM sales module comes to the rescue of sales teams by offering an integrated system where you can find all your customers’ key information in one place. In this way, it is easier to collaborate, but also to increase your sales by having access to a wealth of data in real time.

With social data, your sellers will be able to generate better “leads” and better manage their customer relationships. Don’t forget that the module also gives you access to your sales funnel and can automate processes such as lead generation, conversion, but also order management and invoice tracking.

What really simplify the life of your sellers in order to have more time and tools to generate more income!


Not only will you be able to automate lead generation with Dynamics CRM, you can also do it with your sales funnel.

In fact, the Dynamics CRM marketing module is a real ally for any marketing team with its privileged access to your customer reports and statistics.

Plus, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is saying goodbye to static sales funnels that no longer work for today’s consumers. Thus, it instead gives way to an agile funnel that adapts, changes and supervises itself in real time to collect the maximum number of “leads” possible.

Obviously, with such a powerful tool that contains all the information about your customers, it is also possible to send emails, targeted newsletters, promotions and a good number of marketing tools.

This means that your marketing team will have more time to assess your target audience in detail, the behavior of your customers and adjust your sales funnel in order to better promote your business, but also support you with initiatives to generate sales. sales benefits.

Customer service

Obviously, who says Microsoft CRM also says customer service (it’s in the name!). No matter where your representative is, they can respond from any device and resolve an issue efficiently using the module.

With the easy-to-use portal, it is therefore easier to respond to customer requests in real time, to evaluate the solutions to solve the problem and thus to increase your rate of satisfaction on the part of your customers.

Because you have access to everything in a single client: the client’s information, their exchanges with your salespeople by email, checking the inventory or the availability of a technician and a host of other sectors which could be beneficial to you in the event of of problem solving.

And the best part of it all? It’s that your customer service agent could be assigned to another task the next day and all the actions he took to resolve the conflict with the customer would end up in Microsoft Dynamics CRM so another agent could take the relay the next day, flawless.

It is important to note that there are several different modules related to the Dynamics 365 application. Here is a blog that provides an overview of these different modules . One of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that you only pay for the modules that are useful to your business. Here’s a guide to the different Dynamics 365 license prices .

Integration with Office 365

Obviously, with any CRM, it would be necessary from time to time to leave the software to write an email, or a document and to use, perhaps, personalized modules which communicate with difficulty or partially with the rest of our work software.

Fortunately, Microsoft has hit the mark by directly integrating the Office 365 suite with its most popular and used tools such as Word, Excell, Outlook and more. Thus, you can manage your emails, your appointments, collaborate on a document and even have access to information directly in your email exchanges thanks to this integration in Dynamics CRM.

In addition to facilitating collaboration and productivity, your workflow will never again be interrupted because you have to leave the CRM to complete a task and come back to find the useful data.

It is possible to work on an Excel spreadsheet by having direct access to the data and with a single click, it is even possible to enter the new data produced by your calculations and analyses.

This means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has left no detail to chance and that productivity, efficiency and communication within companies are only improved.