Software Implementation According to Netsuite Project Management

Netsuite Project Management

There are many software options when it comes to project management and each one has a specific set of features that make it stand out. However, NetSuite project management reviews list all the various ways the tool can support the progress of every phase of project management. It can handle different types of jobs and provides users with ways to organize their actions to complete their work in the quickest way possible. 

Figure Out the Company’s Needs 

The first phase of NetSuite project management does not require the software but it is still very important. This is the part where users determine the requirements of their projects and list them in order of priority. The process requires users to identify pain points and resolve them using the tools available. Once this data has been compiled it becomes easier to choose the modules for the management software. 

Once the software has been purchased it can be a hassle to return the modules. Companies can replace them with other ones, but they will have to start from the beginning. This mistake can be avoided by getting in touch with a consultant who can help decide which module will be the most suitable for your project management needs. 

Assemble the Project Management Team 

The project team is the one working directly with the implementation department and is the one taking over the software. They are the ones completing all internal tasks and running various aspects of the operations. The team is responsible for making sure that all appropriate tests are being run by the company. NetSuite project management reviews mention that the implementation partner has all the information and they help companies settle into the workflows. 

Depending on the size or scope of the NetSuite project there can be a commitment for several hours in a week. Every member of the team does not have to spend all their working hours on it but they can continue to get acquainted under the right management. It is also possible to use the additional resources to assist teams with their everyday duties.  

Customize NetSuite According to Requirements 

NetSuite has different applications and each one comes with unique customization options. It is already built-in with all the options but users need to configure it according to their specific workflows. Working with an implementation partner during this phase of the process can help answer all questions and get feedback on tasks.  

It is possible to meet with a NetSuite project management expert who can make sure that you are not missing out on any necessary processes during this time. The team can go through the requirements together and see how they can improve their internal workflows for better productivity.  

Migrate Data from Other Systems 

For companies that are shifting from another system, it is important to schedule a data transfer. NetSuite project management reviews praise the smoothness of the process with its built-in import tool. Users can begin to test data and generate reports within a few hours. It does not matter how much data they are moving, the system will ensure all the information is available in its original form. 

Moving data from one software to another can result in issues such as corrupted data, missing records, or duplicate information. These are problems that companies often have to deal with but NetSuite you can assume that there will be no glitches and the process will be fast. It is similar to moving from one place to another and the organization takes some getting used to.  

Test with Experienced Resources 

Testing is another important phase that is a part of NetSuite project management software. Each module can be tested individually with the help of the relevant department and additional personnel. Each department is given the chance to test software and give feedback to users. There can be multiple configurations based on the feedback received from teams. 

This is an important part of project management and employees should provide it their undivided attention. Going through it in a hurry or failing to review every aspect of the software may lead to problems in the long run. It takes staff members a lot of time to adequately test the features. Each minute spent going over the specifications can prevent issues from arising once the project ends. 

Provide Departments with Relevant Training 

NetSuite project management reviews often talk about the training seminars arranged by the vendor. This is one area that is often neglected by the software companies and teams feel like they do not have enough time to complete the course. However, there are quick training sessions that can make sure every employee understands the basics. 

Training can help the project implementation or transition from another software completely smooth. It is taken one step at a time and users are trained in groups with their department. Training is usually a top-down process and management is the first one to adopt the technology. Each group will have specific needs and the trainer can help them figure out how to use the software to the best of their abilities. 

Take the NetSuite Project Management Software Live 

Most companies consider the last phase to be the most critical one but they should think of it as a launch party and enjoy. As long as they have followed all the other steps and made sure data configuration, migration, testing, and training were conducted according to the guidelines, they have nothing to worry about.  

NetSuite project management reviews can testify that things can still go wrong with bugs disrupting the workflows but as long as teams are prepared for them they will not have an issue. It is easier to manage tasks and put contingencies into place for issues. The system will be ready to be deployed as long as there are experts or developers available to address any issues or bugs.