Questions You Need to Ask Your Pharmacist but You Don’t

We often ask questions related to every problem we face. Whether we’re looking something up on Google, asking Alexa, or commenting on various social media networks. We don’t have this habit when it comes to our medicine.

According to research conducted by J.D. Power, just 10% of consumers consult with a pharmacist while obtaining or receiving their prescription drugs.

There is an opportunity that you are not taking advantage of because you are ashamed, have limited time, or just do not know what questions to ask. When it comes to helping you feel good and remain healthy, pharmacists play an essential role. If you visit Beverly Hills Concierge Pharmacy, you must make sure that you do not have any doubts.  

So, here are the questions that you should be asking your pharmacist but you usually don’t. 

Do I have to talk to you where we can be overheard? 

We would all be embarrassed or uneasy if we had to disclose an unpleasant or awkward medical concern in front of other customers who were purchasing shampoo or corn plasters. Don’t be concerned; you will not be required to do so. In the United States, 90 percent of pharmacies feature a private consultation room or area where you may speak confidentially with a pharmacist. 

Simply ask a member of the counter staff if you may have a private conversation with the on-duty pharmacist (you don’t even have to specify what you want to talk about), and they will make the necessary arrangements. The staff is paid the concierge pharmacy salary because they are responsible to serve the audience. 

What is the brand of this medicine?

It is critical that you be familiar with the names and intended uses of all of your medicines. Wherever you go, if you visit more than one doctor, you should always inform them about any medicines you are taking, including non-prescription pharmaceuticals and herbal therapies, as well as nutritional supplements and supplements containing vitamins and minerals. If you visit the concierge pharmacy in Chatsworth, it is important to know the brand you are taking. The medicine you take, both prescription and nonprescription, will be prescribed to your specific condition after the check-up. 

The generic name and the brand name are both used to refer to the same medicine. The brand name is the name that a single company uses to promote a product, such as Tylenol, to the public. The generic name of a medication is the name that is commonly used (e.g., acetaminophen). The brand name, generic name, or all of these names will be printed on the label of your drug. If a drug is manufactured by more than one business, the generic name for the medication will be the same. There will be a distinct difference in the brand names of each organization.

What do I do if I forget to take my dose?

It is essential to take your drugs on a regular basis and according to the directions on the label in order to get the maximum benefit and prevent issues. Do you face problems in remembering to take your doses? A pharmacist at Concierge Hospice pharmacy may recommend medication-reminder apps that might help you stay on track. They may also assist you in managing any side effects that you may be experiencing and, if possible, offer other drugs that have a more manageable schedule. Remember to see your healthcare professional if you are considering using any alternative drugs.

Can you provide suggestions for solutions other than medications?

In addition to being able to recommend over-the-counter medications that they feel are appropriate for you, pharmacists may provide excellent lifestyle advice, which is particularly important when making changes that will have a beneficial influence on your health. Stopping smoking, increasing physical activity, eating a healthy diet, and losing weight are all things that your pharmacist may assist you with if you ask for their assistance.

Can I use non-prescription medications, herbal remedies, or other medications with this medication?

Many over-the-counter medications have the potential to interact with prescription medications. A number of undesirable and even dangerous side effects might result from these interactions at times. Despite the fact that herbal products are often referred to as “natural,” numerous herbal remedies include chemicals that may have severe interactions with prescription medications.

Never start taking a new prescription without first checking with your pharmacist to see if it will interfere with any of your existing medications. It is critical that you inform your doctor about any medications or herbal supplements you are already taking before he or she begins a new therapy for you.

I’m afraid that this medicine may be causing me a side effect

Since pharmacists are specialists in medicines and can distribute prescription medications, they are the go-to healthcare professionals. If you are concerned that you are not taking your medication appropriately or if you are suffering negative effects from your medication, you can contact them.
You may walk right into the Beverly Hills concierge pharmacy without making an appointment and obtain information about your medication and other medications.