Project Management vs Construction Management

Project Management vs Construction Management

All types of leadership and supervision are needed for building construction projects. Determining the type of management required for a project is a crucial responsibility. From the beginning of the project to the end, the selection of everything can impact the efficiency of a building project. Construction management and Project Management Assignment Help are the two crucial factors. That is for better management of a project. So what is Project Management vs Construction Management? Before understanding the difference let’s know some about CM and PM.

Construction managers (CM) simply supervise the construction of a project. Whereas project managers (PM) undertake all management tasks from start to finish. But, in terms of their respective responsibilities in a new project, what’s the real difference between PM vs CM? 

So many people get confused when they hear these two terms. These are project management and construction management. That is why to solve this confusion we have started our blog with useful detail. Here is some basic information on both project and construction management.

Project management 

Project management involves complete planning, coordination. And also control of a construction project from start to finish. Project management goals are to deliver a project. That satisfies the customer’s needs on time and budget. And with acceptable risk, quality, and safety. 

Project managers usually are higher up in a company and have more extensive responsibilities. Project managers frequently advance through the management of similar-value initiatives. And the development of teamwork is critical to their project management success. As a result, the structure is of great quality, with a steady evolution. A project manager prevents mismanagement of building supplies. On the job site, and construction flaws, lowering the overall project cost.

The primary job of the project manager is to provide the construction manager with everything. That is related to materials, tools, and support they want to get the work done on time.

Construction management

Construction management is an activity. It uses different project management methods to monitor and supervise construction projects. It includes planning, designing, and construction phases. 

The basic purpose of construction management is to control the three key aspects of a project. These are quality, expense, and delivery time. Construction management is also compatible with a variety of other project delivery methods. These are such as design-build.

To understand everything about project management vs construction management, check the sections below.

Project Management vs Construction Management: Duties

Project managers handle all project stages, from marketing to administrative requirements. On other hand, construction managers manage on-site activities. These are like employees, supplies, and construction estimates. 

Let’s consider a construction project as a timeline. The project manager is involved from the beginning to the final work. But the construction manager is only active during the construction phase. One major difference to notice is that project managers sometimes enter posts with little technical construction experience. But construction managers nearly always come from a construction background. When it comes down to it, the project manager has the most power over the project.

Finally, the roles of these two positions differentiate them. The primary role of the construction manager is to ensure that the project is technically sound. On the other hand, the project manager is in charge of the project budget and deadline.

Duties of construction manager

The following are some of the most common construction management tasks:

  • Management of subcontractors
  • Management of workers
  • Assuring agreement with building codes and regulations
  • Managing day-to-day construction progress
  • Ordering materials
  • Managing equipment
  • Preparing estimates

Duties of Project manager

Here are some of the top responsibilities that come under project management:

  • Analysis of site
  • Land acquisition
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Managing budget
  • Managing Timeline and deadline
  • Staffing (that includes construction manager)

Project Management vs Construction Management: Salary

Let’s have a look at the salary of both construction management and project management…

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Construction Manager in the US is $79,025. It is as of December 03, 2021. According to location, in San Francisco, construction managers make 42% more than the national average, while those in make 4% less. 

The typical compensation for project managers in the construction business in the US is $75,690. It is as of December 03, 2021. As the experience increases, both sides’ salaries also increase. 

The highest salary a construction manager can earn is $126k/year. Whereas, a project manager can earn $120/year. As a result, people at the top of both areas can make almost the same amount of salary. As the experience increases salary will also increase.

Let’s wrap it up!

Not every construction company has thousands of workers. And some companies are working with only a few workers. In that case, companies don’t need both project and construction managers. Both project manager and construction manager responsibilities are managed by one. When the companies grow and more employees join the company. It becomes necessary to separate these two functions to avoid risking problems. 

We hope we have cleared your confusion. That is regarding project management vs construction management differences. We have given all the basic information about construction and project management. Moreover, we have also discussed the salaries of both for your better understanding.