Tips And Techniques To Open A Slammed Door

Open A Slammed Door

A door is often slammed behind us, and the keys are inside. It happens to everyone! The first instinct would be to call a locksmith for emergency repairs, but did you know that you may be able to open a slammed door yourself!

Fortunately, there are several tips and techniques to quickly get out of this delicate situation.

Are you stuck in front of your apartment or house door and don’t have duplicate keys? Are you wondering how to open a door that has slammed behind you?

Our company specializing in locksmith repair explains everything you need to know!

What is a slammed door?

The slammed door is closed without being locked, so logically, you did not turn the key to engage the deadbolt.

An x-ray is the most effective technique for opening a slammed door.

You leave your house quickly or without paying attention and forget the keys inside. Even a simple draft can lead you to this unfortunate incident!

Don’t worry because the door is just slammed, not locked. You need to go home, collect your keys, and leave to fix this. Also, some doors are difficult to open; this is the case with landing or overlapping doors.

 Before opening the slammed door, it is better to know its mechanism to find the best solution and take the right actions. Each lock includes two bolts: a latch bolt and one or more deadbolts. Their mechanisms are almost identical, except for some models. For this reason, it is possible to open a slammed door yourself.

We will present different methods to you that often require thoroughness and patience.

How do you open a slammed door by yourself?

Who has never slammed their door behind them, forgetting the keys on the lock or the keys inside their apartment due to inattention? Being unable to return home is both unpleasant and scary. With this guide, we will explain how to open your slammed door quickly successfully.

Keep in mind. These techniques are valid if the door is slammed shut and not locked. However, if your door is locked, the lock is stuck, or the key is stuck or broken in the lock, you must call on our qualified and knowledgeable locksmiths to be able to unblock this situation quickly.

  • Opening a slammed door with a radiography

Open a door with a radio! This technique consists of directly unlocking the closure system without hooking it.

 Indeed, it is possible to open a slammed door with a magnetic card, a strip, a plasticized sheet, thin and rigid, or even with medical radiography. Moreover, the technique is quite simple.

You just have to start by sliding the object between the frame and the leaf. Once the object makes contact with the latch bolt, try to force the door shut by making it shake quickly. The opening can be triggered if the half-turn begins to return to its housing gradually under the effect of vibrations.

Also, try to push the latch bolt so that the spring retracts. This first method can be applied to slam doors that open inwards without a burglar-proof angle.

If the door opens inside and it has a burglar-proof angle iron, in this case, it is better to use metal plates. You can slide the plate at the burst level between the frame and the leaf. It is also possible to use a stiff, bent wire in a Z shape to open the slammed door. This second method can also be used for opening a door that opens outwards.

Some locks, such as tubular locks or monoblocks, can resist this technique. Doors equipped with these locks, once slammed, are difficult to open. If the door is fitted with burglar-proof angles and it is too tight to insert an object, you must call a professional locksmith to unblock this situation.

  • Opening a slammed door with a crocheted accessory

In this case, you have to make a small hole using a drill at the height of the door handle. You can pass a stiff, slightly twisted wire through this hole to operate the door handle located inside. Remember to plug the hole with putty once the door is open.

  • Opening of a slammed the door by releasing the protective handle

Do you not open the slammed door with the two techniques presented above? In this case, you can use a screwdriver to remove the protection plate from the lock or the protection rosette to actuate the square of the follower with pliers.


All these techniques may seem simple and easy to implement, but when you are inexperienced, they may not work.

If despite all your attempts, you can’t unlock the door, you must then call a professional for a locksmith repair in Tampa.

Our knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths can open any slammed door without destroying the lock.

Our locksmiths Tampa have the necessary tools to open all doors.

Calling our locksmith in an emergency is the fastest and most efficient way to open slammed doors and be able to recover the keys forgotten inside.

In short, you can call on our locksmiths if:

  • You don’t have a radio with you;
  • The door is armored.
  • The door is locked.
  • The anti-clamp angles do not allow the radio to pass through.

How to avoid slam-door problems?

We advise you to give your duplicate key to your parents, friends, or neighbors. You can also hide a duplicate in your car. If you live in a house with a garden, you can hide it in a safer place.