Learn the numbers of numerals from 100 up to 99

Rising Star Numbers

Rising Star Numbers 1 To 100

“Rising Star Numbers 1 to 100” is designed to build the literacy skills and numeracy, motor skills , and creative abilities to help the development of children. The book will help them keep track of the number they skip even though they’ve not yet learned the concept of number sense. Counting is essential since the meaning associated with counting is the primary concept upon which other concepts of number are built. Children are often taught the counting sequence through a routine. They must learn the meaning behind counting through the use of counting techniques in a variety relevant scenarios.

For children aged 3 to 6 years old

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Technique 3: Make a Rectangle

I have recently discovered a different explanation that is a new approach to the previous pairing explanation. Different explanations are better for different individuals I find that I prefer this explanation more.

Instead of writing numbers, let’s pretend that you have beans. We’d like to increase 1 bean from 2 beans and three beans… all until 5 beans.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

We could certainly increase the number to 100 or 10 beans, but at 5 you’ll get the idea. How do we determine the amount of beans in our pyramid?

The sum is evidently one plus two + three + four and five. Let’s consider it in differently. Let’s imagine that we reflect our pyramid (I’ll make use of the “o” for the mirrored beans) and then we topple it:

x o x o o o o o x x o o x x o o o o x x x o o o => x x x o o o x x x x o o o o x x x x o o x x x x x o o o o o x x x x x o

Cool, huh? If you’re wondering if the pattern “really” lines up, it actually does. Look at the lower row of the regular pyramid. It’s 5’x (and 1 one). The next row contains one lower than x (4 to total) and 1 additional O (2 to total) to make up the gap. Similar to the pair the sides are increasing while the other side decreases.

Let’s look at the explanation. What number of beans are we able to count in total? That’s only the size of the rectangle.

We have the number of rows (we did not change how many rows of the pyramid) The assortment comprises (n plus 1) units wide, because the 1 “o” is paired up with all “x”s.