There are several functional solutions to be adopted to furnish children’s bedrooms that are fun, original, and even space-saving.

Today, more and more families are forced to deal with houses with fairly tight spaces, perhaps with two children or even more. Sometimes you really need a lot of imagination to know how to furnish children’s bedrooms , but there are many functional solutions that can be adopted to obtain fun, original and even space-saving bedrooms.

The bedroom is the place where children experience their personality beds co uk . You can also furnish it following the trends, but the best thing is to try to create a place that children like, that is safe and that can be useful over the years (do not buy, for example, small beds, because when the child grows you should change it year. after year). Always buy standard size beds , so that even when they are big they can use them without any problem.


So let’s start with the beds , which are the focal point of the room . The bed must be chosen carefully because the child must be able to sleep peacefully and quietly. If the room is single, the bed should be chosen in the adult size, for the reasons we mentioned earlier, and possibly in wood or wrought iron. A solid and resistant bed, which lasts over the years, is the ideal solution . Better still if leaning against the wall, in order to save space. To save space, in general, it is good to choose furniture slightly raised from the ground and not cover all the walls with cabinets. Better a single wardrobe, maybe a little high.


Always choose bright colors but be careful, at the same time relaxing , this in order not to excite the child too much. Colors such as green, pink, blue can help induce sleep and reduce stress. Even just a colored wall can be a good décor input. Always and only choose wood and non-toxic, natural materials, not carpets that retain a lot of dust and mites, better wood or tiles.
If keeping the room tidy is a problem, play baskets are always a perfect solution. Here you can store children’s toys and soft toys without always finding them in the middle of the room.


Also create a study corner : it doesn’t need to be huge, it can be the area under the window or adjacent to the wall. A coffee table, with its lamp, and its ergonomic chair will be perfect for the child’s homework. Try to take advantage of the space above and below: under the desk you can put drawers for notebooks and school things, on the other hand shelves where you can store objects, cases and so on. Everything, if possible, within a child’s reach.

If there are two children, it may be appropriate to choose a bunk bed as a solution for the sleeping area. This will allow you to save space, and not only that: bunk beds , nowadays, are also sold in solutions that include cabinets and drawers. They thus become real ” space-saving islands ” where you can put school things, backpacks, even clothes, soft toys and games, or linen and sheets. In short, they are a very comfortable and effective solution, and also an excellent place to play for children, who notoriously love bunk beds.

Also in this case, attention to safety is fundamental . Choose non-slip ladders, safe and made of resistant materials. It is likely that children will have to use that bed for many years, so they might as well invest a little more money in buying and keeping the product for a long time, rather than going to the savings and having to change it after a few years. Furthermore, security is not measured in an economic question, it is always better to invest in it.