Everything You Need To Know About Spinning The Technical Articles.


It is easy to spin the non-technical articles as you have a world of synonyms available. Apart from that, you do not need to dive deep into the topic. A basic understanding of the topic is all that you need. But when it comes to the technical blog, spinning articles is difficult. And if you choose the wrong tools, the matter could become even worse. 

If you do not have the desired information about the topic, then this is going to be the right article for you: 

What Is The Article Spinning? 

When you are copying the article in the same way as it is published & you do not want it to be counted as a plagiarized article, so you are substituting many words with synonyms, then that approach is referred to as article spinning. It is not the right way to impress Google.

Did you know? 

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Which Tools Are Used To Spin Articles? 

There are different kinds of tools that are used to spin the articles like: 

  • Spin Rewriter 
  • The Best Spinner 4 
  • Clever Spinner 4 
  • WordAi 
  • Chimp Rewriter 
  • Spinner Chief 6 
  • Quillbot 
  • Copymatic 
  • Simplified 
  • Content Professor 
  • Spinbot 

Is Article Spinning Legal? 

Yes, article spinning is legal. But you are not supposed to be doing that if you want to impress Google. 

But a few years back, various article spinning tools came into origin. It was when article spinning started being considered the Black Hat SEO. But if you’re using it for the proper purpose and not copying the original content for your blog, reports or assignments, article spinning is not worth condemning. 

Who Can Use The Article Spinning Tools? 

SEO experts 

SEO experts usually use the article spinning tool if they need to create multiple copies of the original content they have written to make sure Google does not impose any penalty. 

For Students 

Those students who are professionals and studying usually use the article spinning tools to complete their projects, blogs or reports.

Why Is Article Spinning Known As The Gray Hat Technique? 

Those SEO Professionals who intend to incorporate honest techniques to make the content rank higher are the ones who consider Article Spinning as Gray Hat SEO. But the SEO world is so vast, and thus the aims of different websites are also different. Some websites do not want to become famous and renowned brands. Their primary purpose is to be on Google. 

While some other websites want to be famous by providing valuable content to the users, you must not rely on the Article Spinning Tool if you are among them. 

Being A Renowned Content Writer, When Should You Use Article Rewriting Tool? 

If you are a renowned content writer who always publishes the original content, there may arise many situations when you need to use the article spinning tool. 

For example: You want to incorporate some statistical data in your content, but statistical data are such pieces of content that everybody can use and thus plagiarism can be encountered. To avoid plagiarism, you must make use of the article spinning tool. 

Which Are The Article Spinning Tools That You Can Use For Free? 

Though there are so many articles spinning tools that one can use, as per my opinion, there are two article spinning tools that one can use for free and can attain high quality & plagiarism free content from there: 


It is a paid tool. But you can access some free benefits from this tool as well. You can spin the text of not more than 125 words fluently and not compromise the meaning. With a paid version, your work gets even more straightforward. 

Since quillbot does not tamper with the meaning of your content, some good duplicacy checkers like Grammarly’s Plagiarism Free Version or Quetext can easily detect plagiarism in your content. Here you need to smarten your process and start collaborating with another tool named – Wordtune. 


After spinning the content with the help of Quillbot, if there is plagiarism in your content, you should rewrite those specific sentences with the assistance of WordTune. The next thing I like the most about word tune is that it offers you multiple rewritten sentences from which you can choose the one which fits your meaning the most.

Unfortunately, one con of using this tool is that you have limited writes available. But there is a tactic for everything. To multiply your ‘Rewrite Capacity’, you must have multiple Gmail accounts. 

What If I Have A Budget And Am Willing To Use A Premium Article Spinner. Which One Should One Use? 

In that scenario, you should go with the one which has the highest ratings, and that is – ‘Spin Rewriter’. Before you ask the question ‘Why’, let me put forth the reasons for the same: 

  • The professionals have spent most of their time refining the synonyms database. 
  • To enrich your content with the images and videos, you merely have to make a few clicks. 
  • The software is stupendously intelligent, and it can detect if you have copy-pasted the partial articles for rephrasing. 
  • It’s entirely up to you whether you want to export the articles in Word or PDF form. 
  • Spin Rewriter makes use of the Emulated Natural Language Technology. It spins your article without making your content lose its original meaning. 
  • The users are usually impressed by one of its qualities, and that is – It generates more than 1000 variations of the original content in one go. 
  • You can spin more than 1 article with the help of Spin Rewriter. 
  • Spin Rewriter offers multiple features like: 
    • Thorough Grammar Check 
    • Spelling Checker 
    • Word Counter 
    • Character Counter 

Final Comments!

If you are among those who think that article spinning is bad for your SEO Reputation, then your perspective might have changed. Right? If you are a regular article spinner, then you may end up harming the quality of your content. On the other hand if you use it sometimes, then article spinning is not at all bad for your SEO. 

Though I have tried to answer all the questions regarding the article spinning, if by chance I have missed out on any please inform me  through an email. I shall either try to publish a 2.0 version of this article or I’ll reply to your email.