Can you use an Android watch without a phone? 

Can you use an Android watch without a phone

Yes, some Android watches can be used without smartphones.  

In the last decade, smartwatches have come a long way. Now, with growing technology, it has become a stand-alone product. While these feature-rich pieces of consumer technology can replace or enhance many of the features we rely on in our smartphones, not all smartwatches are created equal. 

For the Android watch to work without phones, you will be needing a micro-SIM. This will enable the smartwatch to communicate over various cellular networks without being connected to any device. You will need a smartphone to install or set up the smartwatch in the initial phases. This converts to a product that can function without a smartphone but still needs one from time to time. Other products are an exception, such as specialty watches with smart features (running watches /dedicated GPS). However, if you have a smartwatch that accepts a micro-SIM, you can still do a lot without your phone. 

Smartwatches offer many features to users these days. If you are specifically looking for a smartwatch that should work without a phone, then consider yourself fortunate. The Samsung and Apple watches can connect to Wi-Fi. So, even if the watch is not in the range of the phone, it will do the job for you. There are many essentials like tracking, fitness monitoring, calling, voice commands, streaming music, etc.  

To use your smartwatch to make calls and send texts without a smartphone, you’ll need three things:  

1) network access 

2) headphones or speakers 

3) a microphone  

Some smartwatches will have all three built-in, so you may be able to do without anything else, such as a Bluetooth headset. 

Others will only encourage network functions, necessitating the use of headphones. In terms of texting, the voice-to-text to text feature will be used the majority of the time. However, you will need access to a cellular network to do so. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on the network access provided by your phone. 

Fortunately, micro-SIM technology can provide your smartwatch with cellular network access. 

However, cellular smartwatches do not have a long battery life, especially if used to replace your mobile phone. If you stay connected to a mobile network the entire time, you’ll be lucky to get through an 8-hour workday. You may also notice that your smartwatch’s connection drops more frequently than your smartphone’s. However, if you want to reduce your screen time while still being reachable, if necessary, a Wi-Fi-enabled watch will suffice. 

Best standalone smartwatches: 

We’ve compiled a list of popular smartwatches to help you find the right one for you. All of the products listed below can provide a variety of features without the need for a phone connection. 

Fitbit Blaze: 

The FitBit Blaze is an excellent choice if you want a fitness watch that can text and make phone calls. It has a sleek design and a plethora of biometric functions as well as real-time fitness tracking

Samsung Gear3: 

With the Samsung Gear S3, Samsung has created a well-rounded smartwatch that can act independently with songs, voice, and messages, as well as much more. 

OPPO Watch Free: 

Oppo watches have many amazing features. It monitors sleep, fitness, etc. It is lightweight and affordable.  OPPO Watch Free is the latest one of OPPO watches with new features.

Bottom line: 

Smartwatches cannot replace phones, but they can be of great help. Insert e-sims and you will be able to do a lot of things without your phone. You can also connect them to the Wi-Fi network. But you will have to take care of the battery as they do not have great battery life.