Building a 2D racing Game using AngularJS


Games are an essential part of life. It is like having fun in leisure, and for some, it is a hobby. We can play games in Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, and browsers. In addition, many games are available like mind, adventure, cooking, strategy, swipe, etc.

We can develop games using different languages, and their frameworks and Angular can be one of the choices. For example, the popular games are Tic-Tac-Toe, Snake, Puzzle, and 2d racing game using angular. Several development companies had created super classical 2D games.

Understanding Angular

Angular is one of the most extensively used and renowned JavaScript frameworks. It is a Google-maintained non-proprietary framework. It is a resource for single-page websites, applications, and mobile game development. Angular uses HTML and JavaScript for dynamic game development applications. JavaScript is used for client-side queries, while HTML serves as a template for dynamic pages.

2-Dimensional Games

2D games, as their title indicates, have only two dimensions of movement. Therefore, these are usually Flat games that allow you to move right, left, down, and up. 2D is a simple game in which flat images and obstacles are used. As the object only moves in a two-dimension path, the camera capture the thing at one angle.

2D Game Development Using Angular

Effortless Usability

Angular helps the teams work side by side to eliminate the code part that is not essential. As a result, we can get advanced gaming features at a low cost through angular. Moreover, they are considered effortless and time-efficient for developers because it is robust and easy to maintain.

Mobile View Controller

Mobile View Controller (MVC) makes the entire game development process very simple and easy through Angular. However, you need to add a few additional elements that amplify HTML and help eliminate the controller’s function. It also assists in creating reliance between template and controller.


The separation of modules helps the QA team conduct automated testing and solve complex issues in the initial stage. The testing task in Angular is easy to perform.

Data Binding

One of the most popular and common reasons developers prefer Angular is data binding. You can develop and combine several pre-built or self-made modules in a single application. All these modules help in rendering applications efficiently.

Front-end Development

You can develop data-driven front-end applications without difficulty developing modules and creating structures. Angular consists of all possible solutions for developing front-end applications that use declarative and semantic programming, which lets developers command the system what to perform.


Angular is a secure platform that requires less code and is perfect for single-page and ajax applications. In addition, the designing and construction are simple for getting started.


Angular uses Model View View Model (MVVM) and Mobile View Controller (MVC), which help communicate across UI whenever there is a new change. So, there is no need to declare classes, wrappers, and setters as this entire process are being handled by Angular very efficiently. In addition, angular provides a code reusability feature that shortens the development cycle.

Leveraging Aspects of 2Dimensional Games

Simple Commands

You don’t have to be a pro player to play 2D games. Any newbie can start playing by just knowing a few basic commands. Moreover, the user interface is user-friendly, which increases its simpleness. 2D games, as a result, got huge audience attraction and became a well of money.

Hassle-free Development

2D games are cost and time-efficient. However, it does not need as much cost as 3D games because everything is flat-based, which causes the game development company team to update the game in less time.

One objective

2D games are designed only to see the area your eyes cover, and they help you not to overthink. So, you have to take action on the spot. Moreover, 2d follows a kind of the same strategy means you have to avoid obstacles and reach the endpoint.

Renown Frameworks of Angular for Game Development

Ignite UI

This UI framework helps create stunning games for modern desktop and mobile browsers. It is bulk up with Material UI design features, widgets, and Sketch UI kits. It is also considered the fastest to empower angular charts, grids, and graphs.

Ionic UI

It is one of the leading Angular UI frameworks. All expert Angular game developers have used it once in their careers. However, the Ionic UI framework can be used for several needs. First, as it provides a non-proprietary software development kit, advanced game developers can modify the codebase according to their requirements, enhancing the game’s performance.

Angular UI

This UI is based on everyone’s favorite front-end CSS library, Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the renowned framework used for developing tremendous websites and apps worldwide. Angular UI followed the exact approach as Bootstrap components and created it for Angular.

Supersonic UI

It is the first native UI framework to develop data circulated high-end interactive hybrid apps. In addition, it is compatible with numerous hybrid external APIs for back-end data handling. Therefore, if anyone wants to create an API-based app for iOS and Android, the Supersonic UI is the best and prime option.

Quantum UI

This framework is developed on AngularJs and follows a Bootstrap-based CSS structure. It relies on Model View View Model (MVVM) architecture and provides more than 60 components of UI for Angular services. No JavaScript coding is required for configuring Quantum UI; just proper command of attributes will work for you. Few of its components are open and free to use, while others are paid. It is hosted and maintained by GitHub.

Foundation UI

Angular Foundation UI framework helps developers in creating front-end applications and games. It comes up with AngualarJs components that rely on CSS and markup of Foundation. Additionally, it provides hybrid AngularJs components which are not dependent on either FoundationJS or jQuery. It also supports various features of Foundation like Joyride, Buttons, pull-downs navigation, modal-auxiliary revelations, etc.

Lumx UI

It is another widely used UI framework for Angular. As Lumx follows Google Material Design regulations, developers can create excellent game applications and classic, visually appealing, easily accessible UIs. In addition, it supports the extension-less feature for jQuery that ensures in creating modern games.

Protractor UI

It is a secure and reliable testing framework for Angular. It will perform testing in real-time in browsers as an average user would do. Users do not have to wait for testing subsequent modules. It can execute the modules once other pending cases are done, which helps in page syncing.

PrimeNG UI

It is a non-proprietary UI framework and can be under the MIT license. It offers ready-made themes hybrid widgets and has a collection of 70 UI components. Attributes like charts, menus, overlays, and form inputs aid developers. It helps in enhancing the front-end of your website and application.

Onsen UI

It is among the fastest UI frameworks to generate creative websites and hybrid applications. This non-proprietary UI framework is based on PhoneGap and Cordova. Another reason for opting for this framework is that it comes with pre-built UI components. Finally, animation provides performance-based optimization.


As discussed above, Angular can be the choice of developers for creating a game like a 2D racing game using angular. There are various tools and frameworks of Angular that can help you out. In addition, several well-known fortunes have trusted angular for its services.

Mobile game development has become the center of focus in the business domain. So, if you
want to create a 2d game using angular? You can contact the award-winning AngularJS development company to build a thrilling game right away.