Beximco at Forefront to Provide Effective Medicine for Everyone

Effective Medicine

The well-known company in Bangladesh, Beximco Group, has been in operation for years. Its strong foothold in several industries has contributed to economic and social development of Bangladesh. Speaking of the pharma industry, Beximco has been working hard to ensure that no patient has to struggle to receive the effective medicine. Beximco Pharmaceuticals has been developing medicine that has been saving lives for years. As the company to be moves forward and achieve, its agenda only grows stronger.

On a Mission to Make Effective Drugs

Bangladesh has come to recognition several times for its pharmaceutical contributions. Being led by Beximco’s pharmaceutical unit, the country has seen the development of medicines in the past three decades as effective as the recent molnupiravir. Recently, the company has hit the headlines globally for making this drug. It is said that molnupiravir is the first generic version. The main purpose of the drug is to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 in mild and moderate cases.

The development of this drug seemed like a major challenge. However, country’s top pharmaceuticals company Beximco Pharma has only added to the list of its achievements. In its presence for years, the company has made several launches that have been internationally recognized. Molnupiravir is the latest.

In 2020, Beximco Group remained in the headlines for making Bemsivir. This was the only generic version of the drug, remdesivir, at that time for treatment of COVID-19 patients. Here, what is important to note is that the top Bangladeshi company has not only produced medicine but also made sure that every development is effective. By carrying out multiple tests at different stages, it has been able to improve their effect and safety.

Medicine Export Across the Globe

The mission of Beximco Pharma has been to develop drugs that come into effect and positively help the patients. Furthermore, the company understands the need for such products not just in Bangladesh but beyond as well. That is why it has taken its mission one step ahead with the export of medicine.

Several MNCs have come forward for this intent of Beximco Group. These companies have been geographically apart, however, with their assistance, the world has been able to benefit from Beximco’s contributions. Among all, Bayer and Upjohn are the most notable for helping the organization in the manufacture of medicine.

With the help of more such multinational corporations, it has been able to provide these drugs to people across 50 countries. Beximco has not reached a halt. It aims to develop more effective drugs and make them available in more locations in the future.

To End

Companies like Beximco are one of the reasons why the pharmaceutical industry has been making excellent growth over the years. With this one, the expectations of the patients are being fulfilled. The effectiveness of its medicine has gathered much trust among the consumers. With its continued commitment to drug development, this trust shall be maintained. Moreover, the consumers can expect such medicine to get better without compromising on quality.