Become the Absolute Instagram Reach-God with These 12 Tips


Are you a new content creator/business owner on Instagram and can’t figure out the way to gain followers and improve engagement? look no further, we’ve got you covered. Instead of resorting to the cheap common tactics which bring dead bot traffic to your page, Here’s an A-Z guide on gaining Instagram followers Uk, converting them into customers, and getting your business booming right away!!

Post consistently:

A generally inactive Instagram account with sudden back-to-back posts now and then has little chance of adding to your credibility which you very ardently need to fetch an audience. Keep posting regularly and don’t spam the feed with a lot of posts, more is not necessarily

Engaging bio and feed:

Make the best use of the 150-character limit of your bio and summarize whatever it is that you offer. Don’t just act any cliché quote but explain what someone should expect from you.

Likewise make your feed very engaging, profoundly portraying the kind of service or product that you offer.

Make shareable content:

The kind that makes its way to; people’s stories and their friends’ DMs, maybe an awareness post on some ongoing social crisis- this will increase the clicks on your profile and with the right feed, these clicks will click the follow button!!

Make saveable content:

Make content that is likely to be saved, an instruction manual on how to do some tasks will do just fine. this will compel the user to return the user to your post. this is highly advised as the Instagram algorithm works in a way that once viewed post is rarely ever shown on the feed.

Do giveaways :

If u are a product selling business, do not overlook this step this is literally a game-changer and does wonders to your reach. A giveaway that requires people to tag their friends in the comments or share the post on the story attracts a lot of audience as the attention of your Buy active Instagram followers Uk friends is directed towards your account, raising the follower count yet more high.

Engage with your followers:

Make sure to create a friendly environment by interacting with your followers from time to time – this is a seemingly easy trick but does wonders as a name in users’ good book is essentially all you need. this tip covers

  • Polls on stories: it’s always good to be included, followers feel worthy that their opinion contributes to your life which adds to their positive sentiments
  • Replying to their comments: replying to positive comments paves way for a healthy bonding
  • Pin comments: pin the positive comment on every post

Use meaningful Hashtags :

Hashtags are a literal cheat code when it comes to gaining followers and hence this trick is understandably quite exploited. This will require a bit of research and insight as to what hashtags go well with your niche. you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags. Avoid using cheap follower gaining tactics such as #likeforlike as this will invite only follower hungry inactive accounts.

Strive to get featured :

Feature pages are no less than a goldmine of followers, there are many feature pages each of different niches where your work can be featured. This may require you to resort to the s4s or story for story gimmick, but it is worth it as it brings like-minded, niche-oriented traffic to your profile.

Influencer Marketing:

This is an underrated step and while some people refrain from it as it may require giving out a free sample of your product/service this DOES work pretty great. people are much more likely to buy your service/product when they see their favorite Instagram influencer tell good stuff about it, this is guaranteed to boost your sales,

Collaborate with other brands :

People become much more invested in your business when they see you with an already familiar brand name or face. hence collaborations are the key as it builds trust-having several people endorsing your brand is always good for your sales

 Keep your content up to date :

Internet nowadays is largely composed of Gen-Z users as opposed to old school boomers – employing the latest meme trends, social media fiasco in your product advertising, and general posts will fetch you a lot of reaches. Keep yourself updated on the latest marketing strategies.

 Keep posting stories:

Posting only highly refined content on the feed means that the less formal content has to be posted on your stories. Make sure to post stories twice or thrice a day to remain in a pink story circle on your followers’ feed every time they open the app. make sure to compile all stories in the form of highlights.