Affiliate Programs: A Quick Walk Through For New Affiliates

affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money online, but not all affiliate programs pay very well. In fact, most affiliate programs pay nothing at all. This is not surprising, as there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities on the Internet.

Affiliate Programs Payment

The best affiliate programs pay modestly, or none at all, for time served. Affiliate programs which reward customers for just sharing or linking to an advertiser’s site, or service, are the best. There are affiliate platforms and networks that reward affiliate marketers for every action, be it one click through to a link in an advertisement, or a sign-up form. Most affiliate programs which have payouts in cash today rely on product sales commissions to make their money. If no sales or revenue is generated, no pay-out will be made.

Pay Per Click or Per Lead

Therefore, the best affiliate programs pay per click, or pay per lead. Affiliate marketing is also a kind of commission-based selling in which the affiliate marketer compensates one or more affiliates for every customer or visitor brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Affiliate programs pay per lead is one way affiliate networks and platforms calculate commissions. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of time and patience to build a list, and therefore pay per lead is not feasible in the early stages. However, it is the future of online marketing and has the potential to be extremely profitable.

Commission For Each Sale

Affiliate programs pay a modest amount for every sale, and usually do not provide a large commission. This makes ecommerce affiliate marketing a poor choice for beginners. Affiliate marketers looking to start a career in affiliate marketing must learn to market quality products and services that have the potential for growth. These merchants may be difficult to find initially, but once you are established, they are often very generous with their revenue sharing.

New Affiliates SHould Consider

Affiliate programs that offer small but steady streams of commission payments are preferable for new affiliate marketers. The ecommerce affiliate marketer must establish himself or herself as an authority figure in his or her field. This authority can only be achieved through consistent and diligent efforts and prove to others that they are good performers. It takes time and patience to build a reputation as an expert, but as affiliate marketers continue to work the system will eventually bring in the dough.

Long Term Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs that give very high commission percentages are much more lucrative for long-term success. Affiliate programs that are designed for new affiliate marketers and are very high maintenance tend to be short-term solutions to a problem affiliate marketing offers. Affiliate marketing offers a very flexible compensation plan. Some affiliate marketing offers even allow the use of social media and other forms of online advertising to generate new prospects and revenue for the affiliate marketer.

Know Your Audience

Affiliate programs with variable commission structures also have advantages and disadvantages. The affiliate marketer who has a clear understanding of his or her audience and market will be in a better position to determine what kind of commission structure will bring more success. A good example of this is a commission structure that allows the affiliate partner to choose between different products and has a strong variety in the products or services the affiliate partner provides. If one product doesn’t do as well as the others it is easy to replace that product with another offering that is performing significantly better.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous affiliate programs and network that offer a huge amount of potential revenue. These revenue streams can be used by beginners to get their feet wet. Affiliate networks, such as the Amazon Associates program, which offers a very high percentage of commission, are ideal for those who wish to test the waters before moving into more lucrative revenue producing ventures. Amazon Associates is free to join and there are no signup fees associated. It is worth trying one or two affiliate programs to see if they suit your particular needs before signing up to become an affiliate of any one company.