Advice From The National Police To Prevent Burglaries In Homes

National Police To Prevent Burglaries In Homes

With the arrival of the holidays, many people leave their habitual residence and move to the tourist areas to enjoy their days off, leaving the houses temporarily unoccupied. The National Police provides a series of basic tips to prevent crime and thus enjoy a safer vacation.

  • Make sure that the doors or windows of the house are perfectly closed.  Also, always lock the door even if you are away from home for a short time. Do not turn off the doorbell, and never hide an emergency key near your home.
  • Everything that conveys the appearance of being inhabited in your home will be very effective prudence insurance. Not lowering the blinds all the way, using automatic timers to turn lights on and off, or a radio set can help make it look like the house isn’t empty.
  • Do not leave high-value objects, vehicle keys, important documents, check stubs, credit card codes, or online banking access codes at your homeIf you have the possibility, keep them in a  safe.
  • Create an inventory with electronic device serial numbers, make, and model.  Also, include a  description and photographs that allow the identification of jewelry and valuables. 
  • Don’t make your vacation plans public. Take special care if you use social networks and inform your children not to share personal or vacation information online with strangers.
  • Ask someone you trust to collect the mails from your mailbox and make regular visits.
  • A small investment can improve the security of your home, such as changing the cylinder of the lock for another with a quality certificate, putting bolts on the sliding windows, bars on the lower windows, lighting in the entrance, or installing an electronic peephole.
  • Check the doors of your house and that of your neighbors for decoys that criminals use to detect which floors are empty. These brands have several forms: a glue or silicone thread, a small strip of plastic, or cardboard. The purpose is always the same: opening the door will break the glue string, or the plastic strip will fall off. So thieves, with just a glance, know in which homes there is no one inside.
  • These lures are usually placed in those areas of the door that are out of the field of vision, such as the lower part of the frame.
  • If you have any suspicious symptoms  (people loitering in the vicinity, noises in unoccupied homes, stained peepholes, witnesses at the doors),  call the Police.
  •  If you see your door open or a broken window, do not go in and call the Police.

Police Recommended Anti-Bumping Locks

Bumping is one of the best-known methods of how many thieves use to enter a property to rob. In addition to its effectiveness, it is widely used for the simplicity of execution and speed, which also makes it known as the robbery of the three seconds.

It consists of inserting a unique key into the lock and hitting with a hammer, making the cylinder pistons jump to turn the key. To prevent this, there are antibumping locks, the installation of which is highly recommended. Above all, at a time of year like summer, this type of crime increases.

Antibumping locks

Specialized locksmith Tampa places them in these systems, which offer specific advice to provide the customer with the best solution.

The cylinder of this type of lock does not make it easy for the thief because the distribution of the pistons is more complex. The door is also shielded against other methods, such as the pick, the extraction of the cylinder, or the breakage of the cylinder.

To increase the protection offered by antibumping locks, many customers also install an invisible lock characterized by a cylinder covered with a magnetic protector. It prevents a key or drill from entering, and other tools used to open.

The armored doors

Antibumping locks are becoming more and more popular, but the locksmith sector has warned on several occasions about the general lack of security of the locksmith in Tampa. In addition, not even antibumping provides 100% reliability.

The best thing is to incorporate extra elements such as the already mentioned invisible lock, or like the use of an armored door, more resistant than the armored one. The parts that compose it, such as tubes and steel sheets covered by the exterior wood, in addition to the anti-lever hinges, make it very difficult for intruders to enter.

Armored doors, meanwhile, are cheaper, and their steel and wood plates make them effective.