A Detailed Look at Fruit Flies & It’s Extermination

fruit flies exterminator

Have you noticed fruit flies at your home? Thinking of purging this pest? Then nothing to worry about as we have come up with some DIY methods, you may implement them or hire a pest control company for fruit flies extermination.

But make sure to check that exterminator is certified and read reviews about the company. To know more about fruit fries and how to get rid of them, keep reading!

Biological and Behavioral Perspectives

Fruit flies are abundant in places where food is spoiled, such as kitchens, restaurants, and supermarkets. The adults have red eyes and grow up to as long as 1/8 of an inch long. Tan is found on the front and black on the back of the body. When food is fermented, fruit flies deposit their eggs on the surface. Once eggs have hatched, the fermented fruit surface becomes source of nourishment for these larvae. Damaged or over-ripe fruits and vegetables may be taken away without danger of retaining any growing larvae because of the larvae’s surface-feeding habit. Fruit flies have a huge capacity for reproduction; they will lay 500 eggs if given a chance. It takes roughly a week to get from an egg to an adult.

Ripe fruits and vegetables in the kitchen attract fruit flies. These critters may also reproduce in drains, waste disposals, empty containers such as bottles and cans, trash cans, and even mops and rags used for cleaning. A wet layer of fermenting material is all that is required for growth. Overripe fruits and vegetables that were previously infested and brought into the house might be the source of infestations. If the windows and doors aren’t well-screened, adults may fly in from the outside.

Favourite hangouts of fruit flies

Because of their opportunism, fruit flies may spawn in many unexpected places. Fruit flies are drawn to the smell of rotting food and may appear fast if food is left on the counter for an extended period. They can come inside your house via the tiniest of gaps, making it look as if they arrived from nowhere, even if they are far away.

Fruit flies breed on decaying organic materials, which you may detect by doing the following inspections:

  • In the storage boxes of fruits and veggies
  • In trash bags or cans
  • In-floor drains
  • In kitchen appliances where the fruit juice is spilled
  • Around counter tiles or loosed floor

Is it possible to kill fruit flies with bleach?

Pour bleach down the drain if you see fruit flies in your drain. This might be a temporary solution as some larvae will die, but it won’t be enough to eradicate the issue. Bleach can’t perform its job correctly since it’s flushed out of the system much too rapidly.

How to get rid of fruit flies from the drain

Fruit flies may be effectively eradicated by pouring bleach down the drain. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting organic matter, which the bleach will help remove. Following the label’s directions, pour bleach down the drain and flush it with fresh water. If fruit flies recur, you’ll need to find another way to get rid of them.

How to rid your home of fruit flies

Fruit flies prefer to swarm about and crawl on the objects they’re reproducing in, so the first step in getting rid of them is to get rid of any fruit or other material they’re using as a breeding ground. When the fruit flies return, you must discover and eradicate their breeding source.

The next step is to eliminate nesting grounds for fruit flies by cleaning the affected areas. The most common spots are kitchens, garbage bins, and the pantry. Products containing bleach should be used to clean the area. Always read the label before using cleaning goods. Be careful to ventilate the space when cleaning has been completed. Empty and clean all garbage cans, as well.

How can you get rid of fruit flies in the bathroom

To get rid of fruit flies, use bleach-based cleaning solutions and follow the directions on the package while cleaning the bathroom, including the drains in the bathtub and sink. If your drains smell of decomposing organic materials, you’re likely to attract fruit flies. Empty and clean the garbage bin as well.

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Ways to get rid of fruit flies

Use Apple cider vinegar with plastic wrap liquid

Pour a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar into a glass, or unscrew the lid off a bottle for this DIY fruit fly trap. Even if the container is almost empty, it will still function.) Use a rubber band to fasten the plastic wrap around the aperture. Make a few tiny holes for the fruit flies to fly through. Afterward, they will not get out again as soon as they get inside.

Make a few of them and scatter them about your kitchen for a higher chance of success.

Vinegar, Old Fruits, and a Paper Cone

Fill a jar halfway with vinegar and a piece of overripe fruit. Make a paper cone and insert it in the jar with the narrow hole facing down. (After use, the handcrafted funnel may be recycled or composted.) Fruit flies will be drawn in by the stench of decaying food, but they will have a hard time getting out because of the cone shape of this fruit fly trap.

Use dish wash and vinegar

Dish soap, vinegar, and a bowl left unattended may effectively kill fruit flies that have become resistant to plastic wrap or paper cone traps. The soap reduces the vinegar’s surface tension, allowing the flies to fall to the bottom and drown.

Professional extermination

Calling a professional pest controller for fruit flies’ extermination is probably your best bet to rid your house of these pests for a long time.