6 Tips for a Safe Fall Festival for You

Fall Festival

With school back in session and the weather beginning to cool down, it’s obvious that autumn is upon us. Many churches host fall festival celebrations in this time of year as an opportunity for fun and family-friendly ways to engage with people in the community and share the gospel. However, a big event that includes various activities can create a variety of risk for your church. If you have a little thought and preparation you can safeguard your congregation and provide an enjoyable, secure environment for your families within your community.

Here are six suggestions for organizing a safe fall festival ideas for church or where you are celebrating for your congregation.

Check to see if your ministry is insured

Prior to hosting a fall festival or other occasion, your church needs to go over the insurance policy of its organization and ensure that the policy covers events that are not part of the regular calendar of ministry. Certain policies include special event exclusions, and this can leave your church vulnerable should there be accident or injury at the fall festival you are hosting.

If you are using any third-party vendor, whether for games, food, or inflatables, ask that they agree to a contract with the church and give a certificate of insurance. Be sure to look for clauses of indemnification in the contract, which says that it is your congregation’s responsibility to hold vendor accountable in the event of any incident. If this clause is it isn’t removed, your ministry could be held accountable in the case of an accident caused by the vendor’s services.

Give the proper supervision.

It is vital to have an enjoyable and safe event. Two adults must be in each area to supervise all activities including games, bonfires to inflatables. If you have teens who are also involved be sure that every one is joined by an adult. Like every other activity in the church make sure that everyone participants to undergo an identity check and reference test.

Create a security group in particular when your fall festival is a major celebration. A security team could deter many attendees from engaging in unsafe behavior In the event that the worst happens the team will be accountable for protecting the event and calling the appropriate authorities, should it be necessary. It’s important to think about having an expert medical professional on hand for minor injuries or emergency.

Make sure that traffic and parking are well-organized.

You should ensure that you put in place some kind or traffic management system in the place. Plan your parking and decide on the best options available for parking overflow in the event that you require it. Most festivals last until after dark, so be sure that the parking area is equipped with sufficient lighting to guard the children and adults who walk to and from their cars. Depending on the magnitude of your celebration you might need to solicit assistance by local law enforcement officials to control traffic.

Make sure that the rules are understood and adhered to.

Make safety guidelines for every sport or activity, and then post these rules in a conspicuous spot. Certain events , like the hayrides and bonfires carry the highest risk of injury, which is why it’s important for the individuals who manage these events to make safety rules clear to all participants. Remember that safety guidelines are useless in the absence of implementation. So, have people monitor the event and ensure that everyone is following the rules for fall festival.

Beware of injury from inflatables.

Inflatables like bounce houses, pose dangerous in the event that they aren’t properly installed and controlled. It is recommended to rent inflatables from a reliable insured, insured company who can handle the installation and tear-down on your behalf. Make sure that you have a responsible adult in charge of your inflatable at all times, and remain conscious of age and weight limitations. If the inflatable is outdoors, be sure to keep a close eye on the forecast for weather and the speed of wind, since the high wind can make inflatables overturn.

Pay careful attention to the specifics.

Candy is a fantastic reward for activities and games however, you must ensure that the candy you choose to use is safe. Make sure you give out candy that has been packaged to kids and remind parents to throw out any candy that looks as if it has been altered with

flickering candles can provide an ambiance that is festive, however using open flames is unwise and can be hazardous. Instead, opt for non-flammable LED candles to get similar glow, but without the risk of fire.

Although this list isn’t comprehensive enough to provide all the details needed to plan the fall festival, it’s an excellent place to start. A solid safety plan can create an environment that is safe for everyone present and allows the participants and volunteers to have fun at the church’s festival.