5 Points To Consider While Selecting Cbse School For Your Child

Finally, the time has come for you to choose the right school for your child. After play-school gets over, you have to choose the perfect school for your little bundle of joy. While this may sound scary, we are here to help you decide. There are plenty of CBSE schools that offer education in Bangalore, but which school will be the right fit for your child depends on many factors. 

These are some factors that you should keep in mind before selecting the right school for your child. 

Faculty and Infrastructure

A school is as good as its teachers. So while choosing a CBSE school in Bangalore, it is best to do your research on the teachers’ qualifications and background. This ensures that your child gets the best education from the brightest of minds. 

But teachers are not the only criteria. A school must have all the amenities to make it comfortable for your child to learn there. Check up on specific infrastructures like a playground, assembly halls, auditorium, library, proper washrooms, medical room, and technological infrastructures like provisions for smart classes and computer labs. 

Curriculum and Co-curricular activities

Remember that all Indian CBSE schools do not provide the same curriculum across cities. So check beforehand if the curriculum is of the correct standard for your child. The semester-wise Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment help your child study and take exams well-rounded and well-timed. Make sure that the school routinely conducts these tests. 

But apart from studies, Co-curricular activities also help your child’s development. Before you choose a school, look at their co-curricular website to see whether they have debate programs, competitions, sports events, outdoor activities like football, badminton, basketball, and indoor games like chess. Along with games, a school must also have art classes, dance classes, acting classes, and various other creative classes to help your child find a hobby. 

Student-Teacher Ratio

A hugely populated school will be difficult for your child to get the best education. Make sure the student and teacher ratio in a particular class is not very high so that your child gets one-on-one attention in the class. This teaching style will help your child to remain focused on their studies. 

Assessment sessions

A school must conduct regular assessment programs like parent-teacher meetings educational counseling to let the parents know about their child’s progress and the difficulties their child might be facing. The parents must be allowed to talk to their child’s teacher about possible concerns. Thus, you must ensure that the school conducts regular interactive sessions between teachers and parents regarding their children’s performance before selecting a school. 

Your Child’s Interests

Lastly, it would help keep your child’s needs and interest areas in mind. If your child loves sports, it is better to look for schools with a history of sports events, achievements, and infrastructure. If your child loves to do science experiments, it is best to look for schools with a strong science faculty and provisions for labs and school excursions at places of interest, science fairs, etc. Finding a school with all the best services and one that your child loves to go to will ensure that your child’s passion and academic performance are well nurtured.   


The factors given above might help you choose the right school for your child. However, you must remember several other factors before selecting the right school for your child. For instance, it would be best to look for a school close to your house. Remember, a school far off from your home might be exhausting for your child. Additionally, it would also help if you looked into the extra curriculum offered by the school. Your child’s exposure to the varied skills and fields outside academics will be deeply influenced by this factor as well.