10 Best Mobile Texting App You Must Know

texting app

The most used method of communication across the world and is particularly popular with the younger generation. As communication and information exchange becomes more efficient and speedier and the world becomes less. People’s obsession with texting app and social media is changing the landscape of communication.

It is a common mode of communication, particularly for the younger generations around the globe mobile apps development companies constantly try to develop new and better applications to text. The primary goal is to draw a larger number of users to their platform, due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in this field. We have put together an inventory of top mobile texting app you need to be aware of before starting the process of mobile app design and development.


Line is a mobile instant texting app that can be used for sending messages as well as IM’s to mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and personal computers. Line lets users communicate via videos, images text messages, as well as can support video conferences that are free on the internet. The line is a texting app that allows users to communicate via text, images, and videos. Line application is accessible on various platforms and is among of the most popular social texting app in Japan.

Kik Messenger

It was designed by a Canadian company. Kik can be described as an instant message application that is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and others. It makes use of the mobile’s web connection to transmit messages in the form of videos, images or web pages, sketches and more. Kik lets users sign up in a completely anonymous manner, without giving their mobile number, thereby keeping their personal information secure. An extremely popular messenger application, Kik is experiencing a drop in users following the rise of WhatsApp.


It was designed in collaboration with Viber Media, Viber is an internet-based voice (VoIP) application that is also an instant texting app. It lets users send messages in various forms including text videos, images and more. Viber is available across all mobile platforms, and it requires downloading first on the phone before being able to use it for desktop use. Viber became popular because of its speedy telephony as well as faster access to contacts and friends unlike Skype.


WeChat Created by an Chinese company, it is an instant messaging multi-platform application. It is one of the biggest mobile texting app in terms of active daily users. It lets users send messages through text messages pictures videos, hold-to talk games, video games videos, hold-to-talk, etc.


WhatsApp Recently purchased from Facebook Inc., WhatsApp is an online messaging application that is available on a variety of platforms. It lets users communicate via text messages pictures and videos, as well as audio recordings as well as file transfer and calling. The app currently has a base of around 1 billion which makes it the top used messaging app on the market. The developers of this app support it with regular updates that let them trailblaze over their rivals.


It’s a texting application that allows you to send messages via the internet using your smartphone. It allows users to send messages images video, location information and more. When you sign-up using your email address or Facebook, you’ll be have access to your contacts and send them texts with this simple-to-use application.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook offers an online texting app to all of its users at no cost. Facebook has a population of around a billion currently and offers this app across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. It can also be utilized as a way to communicate with friends that do not have a profile using Facebook or any other social network, as it incorporates SMS functions in addition.

Google Voice

It was launched by Google it is an instant messaging program that allows you to chat with your contacts and send them text messages. Users can reply to messages via their personal computer and also via an Google Voice account. The app can also used to make free calls on the internet. It was once popular, but Google is gradually transferring Voice’s capabilities onto the Hangouts social app which has the highest number of user-requested features and is available across multiple platforms too.


It can be described as an instant-messaging application with a great user interface that is extremely user-friendly. The entire navigation relies on photos. Therefore, when you click on a photo of the contact, you will be granted access to contact, text picture, voicemail and call. Photos of profiles are directly taken by the account owner’s Facebook account and provide the user with a unique number for each account.


The app provides unlimited and free SMS messaging to its users, regardless of what phone they use. The app is popular for its group messaging or community messages feature. It allows users to connect with others in a chatroom-like setting.